You can add a charm to any of our angels on the product page. Simple choose from the icons (as shown on the left) or type in the initial you would like to have.

See below for the different charm types and how they could look on your angel!


10mm – Antique Silver


6mm – Antique Silver

What’s not to love about those twinkly little beauties in the night sky…

A philosopher once asked, “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?”.

Whatever you think, these star charms look beautiful on our Angels.


10mm – Antique Silver

Ancient Greeks believed that the heart controlled thought and emotion with the symbol eventually becoming identified with love.

If you are romantic at heart then combine with one of our Rose Quartz Angels which is also associated with love!


19mm – Antique Silver

Feathers are thought to be a sign of faith and protection. Some even consider seeing feathers as a message from heaven.

Whatever you believe, these delicate feathers look beautiful when added to an angel.


10mm – Antique Silver

Delicate little feet, with perfect tiny toes.  A wonderful way to celebrate a new addition to the family.


10mm – Antique Silver

A double sided antique silver initial charm, perfect for adding that personal touch to your angel.